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Biryani is an ancient cuisine making its way from the land of Persia and now it's the most popular cuisine in Asia.

We at Skyline Biryani, serve a wide range of biryani , to maintain the versatility of this cuisine we keep a very sharp eye on the style of its preparation . To match the aura of our customer we prepare each serving with full authencity . Here, you will find a huge variety of biryani the kutchi biryani , pukki biryani & the handi biryani freshly prepared on earthenware pot. We maintain the legacy of this evergreen ancient dish with a modern twist , without exploiting the originality.

Skyline Biryani House

Why Choose Skyline Biryani?

Freshly made biryani

Freshly MadeBiryani

Quality Ingredients Used

Quality IngredientsUsed

Wide Variety of Delicacies

Wide VarietyOf Delicacies

100% Customer Satisfaction

100%Customer Satisfaction